A new beginning for AMPLY Power with bp

When we founded AMPLY Power in 2018, we envisioned a way to make the transition to EV fleets seamless, efficient and affordable for public and private fleets. We knew firsthand the challenges facing fleets trying to go electric, from infrastructure to financing, and saw the great potential for a new, end-to-end energy management and charging solution. The success and adoption we have achieved in the years since have validated this vision and pushed us to dream even bigger. Now, we take our next step.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that AMPLY Power has been acquired by bp. This acquisition is a significant milestone for our company, marking a step-change in our growth trajectory within bp’s unique innovation ecosystem and diverse portfolio of companies while maintaining our own focused management team. With the backing from bp, AMPLY Power is positioned for a new period of scale and innovation.

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