At AMPLY Power, we believe through sustainable transportation we can preserve and transform our world.

In 2020, an unexpected global pause dramatically reduced fossil fuel emissions. As the air cleared, we all experienced what a zero-emission future could look like. At this teachable moment in history, now is the time to adopt electric fleet charging infrastructure.

We are focused on transforming the public and commercial fleet transportation infrastructure by removing the challenges, surprises, and the learning curve that fleet operators often face when switching to electricity as a fuel.

The AMPLY Power Leadership Team

Vic Shao

Chief Executive Officer

As co-founder of Green Charge Networks, Vic successfully built the company into the #1 distributed energy storage provider in the world, positioning the firm for acquisition by ENGIE, the largest international electricity provider.


Simon Lonsdale

Head of Sales and Strategy

As VP of Business Development for ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, Simon grew multiple new lines of business and was instrumental in the nationwide growth of thousands of public EV charging stations.

Bryan Chow

Bryan Chow

Vice President of Engineering

Bryan brings a proven track record in architecting, deploying, and operating advanced smart grid solutions. Before AMPLY Power, Bryan was Director of Engineering at ENGIE Storage. He oversaw teams that developed hardware and software solutions to intelligently dispatch a global network of energy storage systems as virtual power plants.


Rob Kelly

Head of Business Development

Rob’s background is in industrial automation and SaaS technologies. as employee 17 at SolarCity, he was integral in growing the company too over 15,000 employees and achieving IPO. Solar City was acquired by Tesla.

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