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CALSTART report highlights importance of managed charging for fleets

A new report from CALSTART, written in partnership with AMPLY Power—which is a member of CALSTART— highlights the importance of managed charging for fleets.

When it comes to charging solutions, hardware is not the only thing to consider—managed charging is just as critical. Managed charging is a set of tools that can optimize the operation of charging infrastructure, improve the total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis for fleet electrification, and enable “central or customer control of electric vehicle (EV) charging to provide vehicle grid integration offerings, including wholesale market services”.

… Managed charging is not exclusive to a particular type of charging and can be used across all charging levels, though its impact will be most noticeable with higher and faster charging rates. It is also applicable to fleets of all sizes. Similarly to charging rates, it has exponentially greater effects as the number of EVs deployed within a fleet increases, but it is still applicable to small fleets in order to smooth operations, decrease costs, and gain insight into electrical refueling operations.

—“Not Just Smart: The Importance of Managed Charging”

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