Guaranteed Uptime for a Price-per-Mile-Driven Fee

Our Charging-as-a-Service solution assumes responsibility for all aspects of charging your EV fleet, from EVSE procurement and installation to operations and maintenance and beyond. We bundle CapEx, OpEx, energy costs, and incentives into a fixed rate, allowing fleet operators to forecast and manage costs long-term.

Simplify Your Transition to an Electric Fleet​

Any Vehicle, Any Charger

We integrate with your chargers, utility, and data systems (telematics, route management, and asset tracking), as well as various vehicle types. Our technology-agnostic approach ensures you have the flexibility to use products and systems that are best suited for you today and into the future.

Predictable, Lowest-Cost Energy

We bundle CapEx, OpEx, and energy costs into a fixed rate, allowing fleet operators to forecast and manage costs long-term. Plus, we analyze your vehicles, chargers, and route needs to optimize your charging operations, prioritizing charging sessions during lowest electricity rates—no more trying to navigate confusing electricity rates from your utility.

Ready When and Where You Are

In addition to significant fuel cost savings, our Charging-as-a-Service offers a guaranteed vehicle uptime of 99.99%. You can monitor and manage your EV fleet from anywhere with our proprietary charge management software OMEGA—the most powerful tool in your operations arsenal.

Keeping Total Cost in Mind

We can collect and monetize Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits on your behalf, reducing your total cost of ownership. Our team of experts can also help you take advantage of renewable energy credits, ensuring your EV fleet is fueling with 100% renewable electricity, or participate in demand response, vehicle-to-grid, and other programs.

When transitioning to an electric fleet, operators are tasked with navigating an exhaustive list of requirements to deploy an electric fleet. With Charging-as-a-Service, you can remain focused on delivering people, goods, or services, while we handle everything else, including:

Engineering & Design

During the initial design phase, we handle infrastructure site analysis, engineering drawings, vehicle route analysis and more.

EVSE Procurement

Our team conducts a holistic charging strategy analysis and procures the appropriate electrical and charging equipment.

Construction & Installation

We select licensed subcontractors, secure permits, commission equipment, and provide project management support throughout.

Automated Charging Operations

OMEGA automatically controls charging operations to meet your fleet’s unique needs, dynamically responding to events in real-time, such as faults, schedule changes, rate fluctuations, and more.

Fueling Cost Management

OMEGA is integrated with your local utility to actively monitor fluctuating electricity rates, ensuring your vehicles are charged when electricity costs are low.

Operations & Maintenance

Once your project is online, we deploy OMEGA, which becomes your 24/7 network operations center and provides preventative maintenance of your vehicles and chargers.

Fuel Credit Management

We can collect and monetize Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and other carbon program credits on your behalf to further reduce your total cost of ownership.

Clean Energy Sourcing

To ensure your fleet is powered by 100% renewable electricity to further reduce your carbon footprint, we secure renewable energy credits (RECs) to cover the total energy usage of your EV fleet.

Demand Response & Grid Services

Our unique ability to integrate with your local utility allows us to participate in revenue-generating opportunities, such as demand response, and vehicle-to-grid programs.

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