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Palermo Union School District

Palermo Union School District is located in the northern part of California’s Sacramento Valley, in Butte County, and serves over 1,200 students in grades K-8. 

Thanks in part to incentives focused on improving air quality in rural school districts that often lack funding, Palermo was able to purchase five electric school buses to kickstart its zero-emission commitment. To ensure lower operating and fuel costs, Palermo recruited AMPLY Power to manage charging for its new EV fleet.

5 Electric School Buses

Avg. 2.8 MWh / Month

It Takes a Village to Electrify

Through PG&E’s EV Fleet EVSE infrastructure program, plus grant funding from the Rural School Bus Pilot Project (RSBPP), Palermo was able to begin its transition to electric. To help secure additional grant funding from Butte County Air Quality Management District, and to manage the new EVs, Palermo enlisted AMPLY Power.

Holistic Project & Stakeholder Management

AMPLY successfully installed five new chargers at Palermo’s facility. The scope of AMPLY’s work included all aspects of the project from design and engineering to go-live startup operations and contracted Charge Management Services (CMS) with no upfront costs to Palermo. AMPLY’s services for Palermo go past installation and CMS to include supporting the sourcing of the final funding to secure the project, warranty coverage, guaranteed uptime, a resilience plan, and energy bill management through 2026.

Cutting Costs in Half with AMPLY CMS

Through AMPLY’s fully-managed, turnkey charging services, Palermo has contracted an energy rate of $0.10/kWh, which is half of the area’s potential unmanaged charging electricity rate of $0.20/kWh. This lower energy rate means Palermo is effectively paying $1.19 a gallon to power its vehicles – a full 50% lower than their previous electricity costs from unmanaged EV charging. Based on the early success, Palermo has requested AMPLY help them expand the fleet and charging infrastructure.

While transitioning to electric can be intimidating and costly, AMPLY’s comprehensive and scalable charge management services are taking the planning and management burden off our staff and replacing it with confidence in our fleet’s performance and predictable, fixed fuel pricing.

Carlos Aguilar, Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation


Palermo Union School District


The Palermo School Buses Go Electric with Funding and 50% Lower Electricity Rate from AMPLY Power

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