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Red Hook Terminals

Red Hook is a terminal, stevedore, and cross harbor barge operator with two facilities in the Port of New York / New Jersey complex.

To achieve its emission reduction goals, Red Hook purchased ten BYD 8Y electric yard tractors, and in so doing, became the largest fleet of heavy-duty electric trucks operating on the U.S. East Coast. As the tractors were getting ready to deploy at Red Hook’s intermodal yard in Port Newark, NJ, Red Hook engaged AMPLY Power for charge management services to optimize the charging of their fleet of electric yard tractors.

10 Electric Yard Tractors

Avg. 6.5 MWh / Month

81% Reduction in Fuel Costs; 90% Reduction in CO2 Emissions

Unfamiliar with managing electricity as a fuel, Red Hook realized the need for managed charging. With fluctuating utility charging rates in mind—which can shift dramatically hour-by-hourRed Hook sought AMPLY’s charge management services to optimize their fleet charging. AMPLY’s charge management software, OMEGA, solves this problem by prioritizing lowest-cost energy, nearly eliminating the uncertainty that comes from highly variable energy expenses. As of March 2022, their first full quarter of operating performance data showed an incredible 81% reduction in fuel costs and a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Seamlessly Integrating with Existing Infrastructure & Tools

AMPLY further eased Red Hook’s transition to electric vehicles by seamlessly integrating with their existing infrastructure, keeping the footprint of their charging site to a minimum. In addition, OMEGA integrates with Red Hook’s telematics and fleet management tools to dynamically update charging schedules in real-time. AMPLY’s Site Controller utilizes integrated revenue-grade meters that give real-time visibility of EV charging depot energy usage. Using a transaction-based control mechanism, the coordination of peak demand and coincident loads from managed EV chargers are maintained to stay below designated peak power thresholds. 

Many thanks to our friends at AMPLY Power, who provide our charge management software, for helping make this possible.

Mike Stamatis, President


Red Hook Terminals


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