Fuel prices accelerate delivery companies' shift to EVs

Eye-watering gasoline and diesel prices are sending delivery companies into the waiting arms of the handful of vehicle-fleet managers that serve EVs.

Why it matters: Significant commercial interest in EVs will drive growth toward EV service providers. Startups like Inspiration Mobility and Amply Power have made serving commercial EV fleets their business, along with established players like Element, which has expanded its EV offerings.

Go deeper: The shift isn’t total upheaval — delivery companies aren’t crashing through the doors of EV fleet servicers. Rather, the shift is proceeding along two tracks, say EV providers. “Across hundreds of fleets we have touched, we have yet to come across a single operator that standardizes one vehicle or even one charging product,” Vic Shao, founder and CEO of Amply Power, tells Axios. Plus, he adds that factors like time-of-use schedules, demand charges, and the volume of utilities can spike electricity prices in a single day.

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