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Giving everyone access to EV charging


In December, the Biden administration established the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, which will work to provide $7.5 billion in investments to install 500,000 charging stations nationwide. This historic investment, authorized by the recent infrastructure bill, aims to create good, domestic jobs, provide peace of mind to drivers so that they can buy an electric vehicle, and help address climate change by reducing tailpipe emissions and help create cleaner air.

And the federal government isn’t alone.

Public utility commissions across the nation approved more than $3 billion in charging stations, with a third of that amount targeted to low-income and disadvantaged communities. Southern California Edison alone is investing nearly $900 million in EV programs, about $350 million of which is dedicated to zeroing out diesel pollution from trucks that makes the air unsafe for the people who live near ports and along freight corridors.

Meanwhile, outside of the utility process, companies such as Volta and Amply Power are making their own investments in charging infrastructure, sometimes with surprising partners or innovative business plans.

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