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What is INRUSH?

INRUSH is a containerized, portable charging infrastructure solution that accelerates deployment of EV fleets.

As an alternative to permanent infrastructure, AMPLY’s INRUSH solution upcycles shipping containers to provide electric vehicle charging in a portable capsule. INRUSH can be customized to support up to ten charging stations per container in a variety of combinations to best suit your fleet. Assembly occurs off-site, minimizing impact to existing operations, and can happen in parallel to any necessary utility planning. All related electrical switchgear is safely housed inside the container making it easy to relocate.

Key benefits

Customizable and easy to scale

You can easily add and relocate containers as your fleet scales and your needs evolve. Plus, INRUSH can be configured with a mix of charger types and quantity of chargers to best support your electric fleet.

Save on upfront infrastructure investment

With INRUSH, the design, procurement, and installation can save a fleet up to 50% compared to the cost of conventional EV charging infrastructure.

Expedited EV charging deployments

Deploy INRUSH within six months of initial project start – half the time of traditional infrastructure installation estimates.

Non-permanent, portable infrastructure

INRUSH requires minimal construction, meaning less impact on the property. Portability allows you to get started on your fleet electrification journey without the commitment to permanent infrastructure.

Is INRUSH right for my fleet?

Permanent charging infrastructure doesn’t need to be a barrier to EV deployments. INRUSH can help future-proof and ready your fleet for scale. Our containerized charging solution can provide charging infrastructure for your fleet in half the time and for half the cost of other charging solutions.

Explore some of the common situations that may make INRUSH right for your fleet.

Installing on-site electric charging infrastructure can be challenging (or impossible) if your fleet operates on leased or shared property. With INRUSH’s portability, you can get started on your electrification journey without the commitment to permanent infrastructure. Installation is low impact to the property as it requires minimal construction and trenching.

If your fleet moves locations, you can take INRUSH with you. This leaves minimal site restoration requirements for the landowner and allows you to retain your investment in the charging infrastructure.

INRUSH can be deployed within six months of the initial project start. Since the portable charging station is assembled offsite, it can be done in parallel to site upgrades, vehicle delivery, and more–cutting EV deployment timelines significantly. This acceleration allows your electric vehicle fleet to go live while still finalizing permanent charging plans.

The high upfront cost of permanent charging infrastructure can be a major barrier for fleets transitioning to EVs. With INRUSH, the design, procurement, and installation can  be more cost-efficient compared to conventional, permanent EV charging.

How to deploy INRUSH

Following an initial site assessment and standard engineering services, it takes approximately six months to deploy INRUSH, allowing you to transition to EVs and scale much more quickly.

Assembly of an INRUSH container is done offsite in parallel with design and permitting. This avoids many common delays that can occur when installing permanent charging infrastructure solutions.

Design and Development

Each INRUSH solution is customized to the unique needs of the project, so AMPLY works with you to procure your specified chargers and the necessary electrical gear. Next, we finalize site designs, adhering to permitting requirements from local authorities having jurisdiction. 

Months 1-4

Assembly & Permitting

Once your chargers and all electrical gear are received at our partner facility, final container assembly with these elements begins. As we work to install all necessary wiring, conduit, electrical panels, and chargers to your INRUSH container, permits are received, allowing us to get ready for INRUSH delivery.

Months 4-5

Installation and Onsite Field Work

As your container is fully assembled, site work to prepare for delivery begins. Only a single electrical feed is installed for each container, so underground electrical work is kept to a minimum, reducing installation time and impact to your site. Delivery typically takes one week. Once delivered, your container is set into place, electrical connections are made, and your INRUSH system can be inspected for approval by the relevant AHJs. 

Months 5-6

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