Manage Your Fleet Charging All in One Place
The OMEGA™ Charge Management System

Our cloud-based charge management software provides everything a fleet operator needs to cost-effectively manage and optimize their EVs.

Features of the OMEGA™ Charge Management System

Automated Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Our hardware and vehicle-agnostic approach offers a scalable platform for fleets to electrify on an accelerated basis. OMEGA works with your unique needs, responding dynamically in real-time while ensuring your vehicles are charged with the lowest-cost energy—and completely hands-off.

You're in the Driver's Seat with the OMEGA™ Command Center

The Command Center is your user-friendly dashboard that functions as a 24/7 network operations center, providing real-time visibility to your EVs, chargers, power usage, and more. It can be viewed from any web browser and is optimized for mobile devices to allow operators to manage their fleet on the go.

Oversee your EV charging stations and vehicles in real-time

Track current and maximum electrical capacity at your fleet depot

Receive instant fault notifications and critical alerts

Follow each vehicle’s state-of-charge and time-to-completion charging estimates

Run reports that are necessary for compliance and energy programs

Monitor vehicles out on routes and track their expected state-of-charge when they return to the depot

Customized On-Site Solutions with AMPLY Power’s Site Controller®

As an AMPLY Power customer, your OMEGA charge management system may include on-site hardware, known as an edge device, that provides a comprehensive fleet management ecosystem. Your Site Controller collects data and telemetry at the edge, and then communicates with our cloud-based OMEGA software, ensuring your EV fleet runs smoothly, even if there is an outage.

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