Manage Your Fleet Charging All in One Place

The OMEGA™ Charge Management System

Our patent-pending cloud-based charge management software leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide everything a fleet operator needs to effectively manage and optimize their EVs. 

OMEGA offers interoperability with EVs and EVSEs, cost- and battery-optimized charging, energy management, bespoke integrations with telematics and fleet management tools, distributed energy resource (DER) management, vehicle-grid integration, and more.

The OMEGA Command Center provides fleets a user-friendly dashboard that enables:
  • • 24/7 network operations center
  • • Fleet management & telematics integration
  • • Reporting for compliance & energy programs
  • • Accessible & optimized for mobile
  • • Multi-device alerts & notifications in real-time

Interested in setting up a demo of our software or learning more about our Charging-as-a-Service support model?

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