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Ready to electrify your vehicle fleet? EV fleet tech providers want to help

The Mobility House is far from the only company looking to build a business around EV fleet management services.

Shell bought charging software company Greenlots in 2019 and recently announced plans to rebrand it as Shell Recharging Solutions. Last month, BP acquired fleet-charging startup Amply Power.

In June 2021, Ford purchased Electriphi, a startup that offers software to remotely manage charging schedules. Then, in August, EV charging network operator ChargePoint acquired European fleet management company ViriCiti for $88 million.

Utilities companies are entering the space as well. In December 2020, eIQ Mobility, a Schneider Electric spinoff that advises fleet owners on when to convert to EVs, was bought by Florida–based renewables company NextEra Energy.

“The investment community has understood that charge management is crucial to getting to the scale of EV charging that we need to get to, to achieve the goals around decarbonization,” Hintler said. “I think this will continue because there’s still a number of players out there that do not have good solutions internally that will look to the market to buy up something.”

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