Welcome SCPPA Members Fleet Electrification Discount on EV Charging-as-a-Service.

AMPLY Power simplifies fleet EV charging. SCPPA Members can now offer Commercial Customers an exclusive $0.10 per kWh discount off AMPLY’s rates and 100% green power.

Our unique business model for fleets of electric vehicles (cars, buses, trucks) that operate from a depot, simplifies the ‘electric fueling’ challenges that are otherwise faced. 

AMPLY provides a turn-key solution for electric vehicle (EV) charging-as-a-service including infrastructure-as-a-service (we finance the electrical infrastructure planning and deployment, EV charging stations, and we are responsible for ongoing operations of the equipment) and [optionally] energy-as-a-service (we own and are responsible for the Customers’ utility bills and electric meter).

We provide your Fleet Operators with a known cost per mile (cents-per-mile or cents-per-kWh) for their ‘electric fuel’, along with a guarantee that every EV is fueled and ready to go every day. AMPLY is paid monthly for the service provided, aligning us to SCPPA Member goals:

• Enable and accelerate the adoption of EV’s
• Add managed load to the grid; gain data insight
• Service level guarantee that EV charging services will be working
• Known pricing model for Customers, no surprises

The AMPLY Power team has years of experience in EV charging and large-scale renewable energy deployments and operations. Our patent-pending technology provides real-time data and operational management of the fleet charging process. Request more info, or a customized proposal.

Contact us now for a customized proposal unique to your fleet operations.​

Discount for Customers of SCPPA Members only: Because of SCPPA’s commitment to provide the best pricing and options to their customers, AMPLY is pleased to offer SCPPA Members a discount of $0.10/kWh off the normal services fees for EV charging-as-a-service and an energy upgrade to 100% green (Zero-CI) power for your Customer’s fleet.

This discount and green power upgrade is subject to AMPLY being able to claim the LCFS credits for the EVSE equipment that AMPLY will be owning and operating at the depot location.

Offer good for projects initiated before the end of 2020.

Interested in setting up a demo of our software or learning more about our Charging-as-a-Service support model?

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