The AMPLY Power Service Model

Zero Emissions • Zero Worries

The Road to Electric Fleet Scale

Well-managed, commercial electric vehicles can offer fleets significant savings on both fuel and maintenance costs. But as fleets begin to map out plans to “fuel” these new vehicles, they quickly realize the vast differences between procuring diesel or natural gas and electricity as a fuel.  Electrons, amps, kilowatt hours, energy flow rate, time-of-use and demand charges… it’s a new frontier for fleet managers. And as many early adopters have learned, electricity demand management is a highly challenging and unforgiving application. Small human errors—such as turning on too many chargers simultaneously, scheduling charging incorrectly, or having faulty equipment—can have very expensive consequences. 

Key Benefits of AMPLY’s Unique Service Model


AMPLY offers set pricing terms free from demand charges and tariffs.


AMPLY can manage everything from system design to maintenance.


AMPLY’s system ensures mission critical vehicles are charged and ready for use.

Customized Plans Based on Your Fleet’s Individual Needs

Mission critical operations require more than just chargers. Fleets need fuel cost certainty and complete reliability. Our team offers commercial fleet operators a “fully charged approach” to developing customized electric vehicle charging solutions. This approach includes:

AMPLY Power Monitors Your Fleet in Real-Time

Our team monitors fleet charging operations 24/7.

AMPLY Power has Developed a Centralized Charge Management Software Solution to:

Compare Gas vs Electric Costs in Key Metro Areas Nationwide

Explore the differences in costs between the average $/gal gasoline or diesel versus electricity. We have gathered data representing the major metropolitan areas across the United States.

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