2021 White Paper

Managed Charging Accelerates Costs & Health Benefits of EVs

Since 2019, AMPLY’s annual white paper has offered unique insights into the cost of fueling electric cars, vans, trucks and buses, compared to their ICE counterparts and how managed charging strategies provide incremental cost savings. Through a comparative assessment of the top 25 U.S. metropolitan areas, and leveraging our Dollar Per Gallon Equivalent (DPGe) analysis, our 2021 white paper details the cost to fuel vehicle fleets.

Each year we aim to improve the comprehensiveness of our assessment. This year, we have included the following analysis:

  • EV-related health benefits that minimize expenses incurred by pollution-related health impacts
  • How monetizing and leveraging low carbon fuel standards programs can increase revenues for electric fleets
  • Examples of new utility subscription rate plans and how they impact time-of-use charts

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2021 DPGe Comparison Map 

Check out the results of our Dollar Per Gallon Equivalent (DPGe) analysis, comparing the cost to fuel light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty fleets with fossil fuel vs. unmanaged charging and managed charging strategies across the U.S.

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